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Belfast - Ulster Museum

Meteorites: Messengers from the depths of the solar system with curator Dr Mike Simms

Talks & Discussions
Location Belfast - Ulster Museum
Date 7 July 2022
Time 7:00PM
Age 10+

Come along to the Ulster Museum to hear from Northern Ireland's meteorite expert, Dr Mike Simms, about what these visitors from Space can tell us about the history of our Solar System. Find out more about the museum's new meteorite display - rocks from Mars, the Moon, and from two planets that no longer exist.

In his talk, Mike will discuss the new Meteorites exhibition which includes pieces of the Moon and Mars, a chunk of the oldest volcanic rock yet discovered, and a slice of one of the strangest meteorites of all from a planet that once existed in the outer reaches of the solar system.

This event is a chance to hear from one of the foremost minds in astronomy and to get up close and personal with the far reaches of the solar system.