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Cambridge - Midsummer Common

Meteors on Midsummer Silent Disco Skygazing

Live Event
Location Cambridge - Midsummer Common
Date 13 August 2022
Time 9:00PM

Taking place on Midsummer Common during the peak of the Perseid meteor shower, this unique event will invite you to lie back and open your eyes and ears to the wonder of the sky.

About the event:

Featuring immersive soundtracks by Sounds of Space Project and Cambridge-based artist Sarah Wood, this evening of silent disco skygazing will awaken your senses.

Stars are Fire, is an immersive sound piece by Cambridge-based artist, filmmaker, writer and curator Sarah Wood. After a time of necessary social isolation and when ideology and war bring questions of national borders sharply into focus, what better time to lie back and spend time together contemplating the possibilities of space and dreaming our shared future.

Celestial Incantations by Sounds of Space Project, is a collaboration between space weather scientist Dr Nigel Meredith of the British Antarctic Survey, multimedia artist Diana Scarborough and leading Australian composer Dr Kim Cunio. This fusion of art and science will feature a spectrum of space sounds collected from Earth, the solar system, and beyond, in composition with western and non-western instruments and voice.

Messages from Mission Control:

  • Bring your own blanket, lie back on the ground and let the meteor-streaked sky be your screen for a surreal sound experience.
  • Please arrive by 9pm to leave enough time to collect your headphones.
  • This event is due to finish at 10.45pm.

You could also begin your evening with a sunset guided cycle ride of the solar system. Click for more information and to book.

Please note that imagery and video will be recorded at this event.

Listen to Celestial Incantations by Sounds of Space Project