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Belfast - Belfast City Hall, Donegall Square, BT1 5GS

Play Ball at City Hall

Visual Arts
Location Belfast - Belfast City Hall, Donegall Square, BT1 5GS
Date 2 July 2022
Time 3:00PM
Age All ages

Bring your desire to try something that is both so simple and hilariously difficult with artists Mac Premo and Adrianna Dufay, as they play ball around Belfast City Hall.

In 2019, Mac recorded a group of people who came together, glove in hand, to have ‘a catch’ around a block in Brooklyn. It was a collective experience designed to inspire joy and comradeship in a local community through one simple movement — the playful act of throwing a ball.

In baseball, to have a catch is a magnificent thing. Without the exchange of a single word, a good catch becomes a poem of communication and cooperation. As part of Our Place in Space, Mac and Adrianna are coming to Belfast to recreate this around our very own block, Belfast City Hall.

Will we make it? Surely we can.

Messages from Mission Control:

  • The meet point for this event will be at the statue of Queen Victoria, directly in front of Belfast City Hall.

  • There will be some light refreshments on the lawn (and the opportunity to pick up some free baseball cards!)

  • Bringing a baseball glove would be great but not necessary.

  • The catch around City Hall will last for approximately 20minutes.

Meet Mac and Adrianna

Mac Premo and Adrianna Dufay are a husband and wife creative team. They make films, plays, and live events, and together have exhibited in film festivals worldwide and won 13 NY Emmy® Awards.

Mac’s artwork has been exhibited in galleries and museums internationally. He is a Fellow with the New York Foundation for the Arts.

They live and work in Brooklyn, NY and have two totally radical kids. [Photo credit Giles Clement]