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Belfast - Black Box

Sci-fi poster making workshop with Jacky Sheridan

Location Belfast - Black Box
Date 3 July 2022
Time 12:00PM
Age All ages

Ahead of our evening of curated sci-fi films, let your imagination run wild and get cosmically creative with illustrator Jacky Sheridan.

During this free workshop, you will be guided and inspired to make your very own sci-fi movie poster. Where will you decide to go? A planet light-years away? Or deep inside the caves of the far distant past?

Come along to find out as we combine art and science!

Messages from Mission Control:

  • This event is for sci-fi film fanatics of all ages

  • All art materials for the session will be provided

  • This event will take place in the Green Room at The Black Box

Meet Jacky Sheridan

Jacky is an activist and illustrator who uses her unique humour and a high contrast illustrative style to create expressive, fun, bold and engaging work. Working with digital and traditional methods, Jacky makes high contrast images using saturated colour and wickedly witty content.