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Bringing our solar system down to earth

When you look at Earth from outer space, our differences of opinion can seem just a little less important. Get a different view with Our Place in Space.

We will bring together millions of people across the globe

Our very own artist Oliver Jeffers and fabulous creative team led by Nerve Centre, have created a unique scale model of our solar system to intrigue and inspire! There’s an AR App! Minecraft World! And lots more! Come and gain a new perspective...

Get the App

The Our Place in Space augmented reality app is now available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store. It’s going to augment your reality in ways you really didn’t expect!

  • Use the app to support your visit to the trail or experience it from anywhere on Earth
  • Track your steps through the solar system, collect space souvenirs and upload a star to the ‘Universe of Us'
  • Learn all about our solar system on the way

Unlock a universe of learning opportunities

Rocket towards our suite of learning resources and creative challenges for the classroom and don't forget to download our very own Minecraft World to begin a journey through space and time.

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