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Commissioned by UNBOXED: CreativityOur Place in Space is a project commissioned by UNBOXED: Creativity Read More

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Journey through a scale version of our solar system either on the trail or anywhere on planet Earth with the Our Place in Space app!

You will be able to see how far you have travelled, learn some really cool facts about space, add your own star to the Universe and even meet a few of Oliver Jeffer's characters out exploring too! The app also includes a cosmic view on conflict, looking back in time at ‘Us and Them’ through human history.

A hand illustrated in Oliver Jeffers style is holding a mobile phone. The screen displays an image of the trail within the application.

Apple Store

Bring the solar system down to earth with our awesome AR app.

Google Play

Jog to Jupiter, visit Venus and explore all things space!

Our app is available on most Android and all iPhone devices. Please check the device list to see if your phone supports AR technology if you have trouble downloading the app.

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