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If we could look back at Earth from the vastness of the solar system, what would we feel? Wouldn’t squabbles look stupid from Saturn? Wouldn’t violence seem senseless from Venus? Forget about ‘Us and Them’, from the perspective of Pluto, it’s just US!

So, what exactly is Our Place in Space?

Centered around an epic scale model of the solar system designed by the artist Oliver Jeffers with scientist Professor Stephen Smartt and a creative team led by Nerve Centre, Our Place in Space is a sculpture trail of our solar system, interactive AR app and exciting learning and events programme (including our very own Minecraft world!)

Story behind the project

For centuries, we’ve defined ourselves by who we are and who we’re not. Which side we choose, on what ground we stand, who and what we fight for. But with distance and a view from afar, the distinction between Us and Them fades away. With distance comes perspective...

Watch our video to learn more about what inspired Oliver Jeffers and Professor Stephen Smartt to create Our Place in Space.

Creative Team

From an initial concept by Oliver Jeffers and Chris Haughton