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Our Place in Space Minecraft World

A new Minecraft adventure inspired by Our Place in Space is here!

An out-of-this-world experience that sees you journey through the solar system, stopping off at each of the planets and exploring historical events back on Earth.

This unique Minecraft adventure is inspired by Our Place in Space and the world of Oliver Jeffers with astronomical oversight from Professor Stephen Smartt.

Travel back in time and witness some of the issues we have faced on Earth — including war, famine, slavery, and even fake news. As you journey through space and time you will take part in a series of unique challenges and decide your own fate.

Designed by acclaimed Minecraft map maker and YouTuber Adam Clarke (aka Wizard Keen), the new world brings our solar system down to Earth and onto your screen!


Before it is available on the Minecraft Marketplace, you can download a version of the game to enjoy on PC or Mac. You must already have Minecraft installed on your computer before you download the file.

Click the download button below, fill in your details and save the file to your computer. Double click on the download (called OPIS_review_copy.mcworld) and it will open in Minecraft. Enjoy!

Download an advance version of the Our Place in Space world now!

Can't wait until it goes live on the Marketplace? Download the new world now and start your journey through space and time!

Get it on Minecraft Education

The Our Place in Space Minecraft World is now live and free to enjoy on Minecraft Education.

Notes for Educators

Take the discussion further with this handy guide complete with ideas for classroom activities based on the content featured in the Our Place in Space Minecraft world.