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Blog 18 November, 2022

Our Place in Space App wins 2022 IDI Award

Designers Big Motive took home the award for best Experience Design.

Our Place in Space app designers Big Motive won big at the 2022 IDI Irish Design Awards this November, taking home the award for Best Experience Design and Best App Design.

Big Motive worked with the Our Place in Space team to design an augmented reality (AR) app that supported public engagement with the sculpture trail and remotely from anywhere in the world.

The main challenge was harnessing AR technology to enhance the trail and allow people from across the globe to gain a new perspective with Our Place in Space.

The app lets users see how far they‘ve travelled on their journey through space, learn fun facts, add their own star to the Universe and meet a few of Oliver Jeffers' characters along the way too.

The experience also includes a cosmic view on conflict, looking back in time at the theme of ‘Us and Them’ throughout human history.

IDI hosts two awards ceremonies annually; the Irish Design Awards, and the Irish Graduate Design Awards. Both awards celebrate and reward the best of Irish designers, nurturing the talent of the future and setting creative benchmarks for the industry.

Experience the app for yourself and download here.

“Fun multi-faceted experience that considers the needs and situations of people who want to use it”⁠

IDI Judges' comments