Challenge 4: Ella Podmore | Our Place In Space
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Design a new way to travel through space with Ella Podmore

Step into Ella's world of material engineering and challenge yourself to design a totally new method of space travel!

Ella joined McLaren Automotive as an intern engineer in 2016, before securing a full-time role two years later. As one of more than 100 McLaren STEM ambassadors, Ella is passionate about encouraging more young people of all ages to engage with science.

As well as talking to young people around the world about engineering, Ella was also one of McLaren’s expert judges on the BBC Blue Peter ‘Supercar of the Future’ children’s design competition, and was also awarded an MBE earlier this year!

Your mission is to...

  • Design a new type of space craft which uses only renewable energy sources.

  • Help plan your design by watching our Little Inventors video, which has lots of helpful design tips.

  • Think carefully about who will use your craft, how it will appear to the customer and don't forget, test with a prototype!

Develop your space craft thinking about the design, energy source, user testing, infrastructure and usability. Put your ideas onto paper with sketches, notes or mood boards and then try your hand at developing a 3D prototype. Watch Lottie Smith's video below to help give you an idea of some simple ways you could make your 3D prototype with everyday materials.

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