Challenge 2: Chris Hadfield | Our Place In Space
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Share your place on Earth with astronaut Chris Hadfield

The world is pretty big, and at times can seem daunting! Gain a new perspective by exploring your role on our home planet and the places which we inhabit.

Chris Hadfield is a veteran NASA astronaut, engineer, musician, and pilot. He has flown two Space Shuttle missions and served as commander of the International Space Station. Chris has written about his time in space, exploring Frank White's idea of the 'Overview Effect', in which astronauts experience a shift of awareness after viewing Earth from outer space.

If you could look back at your place on Earth from space, how do you think you would feel?

Your mission is to make a short film

  • Show us who you are

  • Share 'your place', or the place you live in

  • Highlight what you'd like to see happen in your part of the world

Think of some ideas that you'd like to include in your video, you could make a note of these or draw a short storyboard. Then it's... lights... camera... action... as you use your phone or tablet to create a short video.

You can create your short film on Instagram reels, TikTok or any other platform — don't forget to share your creation with us by tagging @OurPlaceEarth on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.