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Blog 25 May, 2022

Bay Road Park comes alive at night with local bat experts

The Northern Ireland Bat Group took us under their wing for an evening all about these magnificent mammals.

Recently a group of intrigued individuals attended our 'Bat Walk and Talk' event in Bay Road Park Nature Reserve whilst it was home to our inner planets on the solar system trail.

During the event, Creggan Country Park’s Karen Healey, a volunteer of the Northern Ireland Bat Group, shed some light on the importance of local bat conservation, while dispelling myths that bats are blind and feed on human blood. Karen also presented a rescued Leisler’s Bat, which is only the size of a strawberry — but still Ireland’s largest breed!

Sarah Jones, Senior Event Producer for Our Place in Space said, “ This event was a unique way to explore the biodiversity of Bay Road Park Nature Reserve and learn more about the need to protect our planet”

Check out the photos below of when we met our furry friends!