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Talks and Discussions 30 September, 2022

Watch Now | Jamie Dornan, Baroness May Blood and Oliver Jeffers in Conversation

Tune in from 12.30pm on Saturday 1 October to catch-up with this exclusive discussion as part of Our Place Festival.

Join actor Jamie Dornan, artist Oliver Jeffers, Baroness May Blood and Hugh Odling Smee for a candid discussion of how integrated education has shaped them and how they see it shaping the future of our young people.

This year sees the 40th anniversary of the first integrated secondary school in Northern Ireland: such a short time for something so critical to Northern Ireland’s political past, present and future.

This panel draws together some of the Northern Irish art world's most passionate advocates for integrated education, along with one of its most tireless campaigners - Women’s Coalition co-founder and grass roots participant of the peace process, Baroness May Blood.