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Community 27 September, 2022

Watch Now | Play Ball at City Hall

Catch our live premiere on Tuesday 27 September at 12.30pm to watch the highlights from Mac Premo and Adrianna Dufay's communal baseball catch around Belfast City Hall.

In 2019, New York based artist Mac Premo recorded a group of people who came together, glove in hand, to have ‘a catch’ around a block in Brooklyn. It was a collective experience designed to inspire joy and comradeship in a local community through one simple movement — the playful act of throwing a ball.

In baseball, to have a catch is a magnificent thing. Without the exchange of a single word, a good catch becomes a poem of communication and cooperation.

As part of Our Place in Space's Our Place Festival in June 2022, Mac and fellow artist Adrianna Dufay came to Belfast to recreate this around our very own block, Belfast City Hall.

Tune into the short film produced which shares the highlights below.