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Talks and Discussions 27 September, 2022

Watch Now | Tenx9 Storytelling

Tune into our live premiere on Wednesday 28 September at 12.30pm and listen to the personal stories of eight speakers as they discuss what Our Place means to them.

Our Place in Space teamed up with Tenx9 for a very special event where YOU got to tell your story.

Tenx9 is a Belfast born storytelling event where nine people have up to ten minutes each to tell a true story from their own life.

Speakers were asked to talk on anything about the place they call home - this was their prompt:

If we could look back at Earth from the vastness of the solar system, what would we feel? Wouldn’t squabbles look stupid from Saturn? Wouldn’t violence seem senseless from Venus? Forget about ‘Us and Them’, from the perspective of Pluto, it’s just US!

Listen to contributions from Richard O'Leary, Donna Hunter, Adriana Dufray, Lynda Sullivan, Oliver Jeffers, Daniel Lismore, Aodhán Ó Baoill and Deirdre O'Kane.