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Blog 24 August, 2022

What will happen when the sun dies? The Naked Scientists interview Professor Stephen Smartt

Resident astrophysicist for the Our Place in Space project caught up with The Naked Scientists in their latest podcast.

Based at Cambridge University's Institute of Continuing Education (ICE), the Naked Scientists are a team of scientists, doctors and communicators whose passion is to help the public to understand and engage with the worlds of STEM. Their podcast has been around since 2001, and in this episode they chat to Professor Stephen Smartt from Queen's University Belfast.

James Tytko sat down with the Our Place in Space astrophysicist to discuss everything from how to fuse art and science, bringing the solar system down to Earth and exploding stars!

Smartt's research group at Queen's University Belfast run large sky survey projects such as Pan-STARRS and ATLAS to scan the sky and find transients that stretch our understanding of how stars die.

Luckily for us, the Earth's Sun has around another 4.5 billion years until it turns into a red giant!

Find out more about what's in store for the Sun, how supernovae are created and much more by heading to The Naked Scientists website to read the full transcript and listen to the podcast.

"I think the interesting idea from Oliver was not just to make it a scientific story, but to put humanity at the centre of this."

Professor Stephen Smartt, QUB